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The Methods of the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD., ScD., for skill development, self-actuation, neurological awakening, personality integration, rhetoric, leadership, and mastery as taught by his KAP Instructors and their students

Dr. Glenn J. Morris was a trained behavioral psychologist, a university professor of communications and rhetoric, a Fortune 100 leadership and management consultant, and a lifelong martial artist who experienced deep, rapid personal transformation, expanded sensory phenomena, and spiritual insight using traditional Japanese Zazen and Chinese Internal Alchemy Practices supplementing his Martial Arts training in the summer of 1985.

He then sought to empirically study, replicate, and streamline the behavioral, neuro-physiological, and endocrine stimuli and responses of his experience, further researching historical and cross-cultural parallels, and collating his principles and techniques for people of a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, personalities, and experiences, simultaneously making the techniques safer, smoother, and more grounded, eliminating the need for culture-specific symbols and dogma, and instead substituting metaphors and physiological principles, while arriving at the same sublime and practical results.

Used synergistically, some of Glenn’s principles and techniques comprise his Hoshin Jutaijutsu, Hoshin Tao Chi Kung, Meditation Mastery, and Improved Kundalini Awakening Process practices – but Dr. Morris also taught specific presentations of his techniques to individuals and groups, ranging from executives and middle management at Fortune 100 companies, doctors and lawyers, college students, martial artists, military, first responders, pastors, healers and therapists, disaster refugees, the homeless, and state inmates.

Dr. Morris’s Methods create change following the principles of neuro-plasticity and endocrine plasticity (though Morris’s work predated the coining of those two terms), shifting internal perceptions, external behaviors, sensory experiences, emotional well being, intuition, charisma, connection, leadership, group cohesiveness, and more…

Everything in the the Morris Methods starts with basic principles and flows into simple techniques that then layer and flow into each other:

  • breath
  • movement
  • awareness
  • emotion
  • sensation
  • imagination
  • contextualization
  • embodiment
  • creative expression
  • intuition
  • logic
  • communication
  • rhetoric
  • …all in a playful, flexible structure that fits easily into the flow of life.

    Each basic has immediately perceptible benefits, and when you layer the basics together, the benefits magnify exponentially.

    Morris Methods are taught in modules of interrelated principles and practices.

    The modules can be taught for general use, as well as adapted to particular specialized professional and personal applications.

    Using Dr. Morris’s principles, including identification of commonalities, patterns, and exceptions, reverse engineering, empirical observation, replication, and layering, Dr. Morris’s students and their students have unfolded More Methods of practice and cultivation with empirically replicable results, stretching across various human disciplines.

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