The following courses are created by students of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, and by their students, applying Dr Morris’s principles to a variety of niche subjects:

Creativity Enhancement for writers, musicians, and artists – Paul Densmore

Leadership Applications for business management and community stewardship – Ryan Owens

Neural Axis (TM) – Neuroscience for Autoregulation and Personal Development – Dr. Gabriel Axel, PhD.

Qigong Embodiment Principles – Dr. Bob Joyce, DMQ

Pay-It-Forward – Community Support – Paul Densmore

Primordial Alchemy – Dr. Craig Wells, D.O.

Psychic Self Defense, a cross-cultural survey of principles and techniques – Santiago Dobles

The House of Vitality: a Deep Dive into Masculine Hormones & Their Cultivation – Ramon Castellanos

Theurgy & ThaumaturgyPaul Densmore

Western EsotericismMatt Howell

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