Supercharged KAP for Strength and Longevity in beautiful Sedona, Arizona with Dr. Bob Joyce, KAP Instructor, Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), and Zheng Yi Taoist Priest (China). “Be(yond) the Vortex” An Advanced KAP Workshop

Before I go into this week’s topic & offer a practical exercise to try – let me announce what I have going on for November (all offers are for KAP grads or those currently

This post may seem to come out of left field, but please remember that I teach an entire course on enhancing creative efforts while using KAP principles. So, with that in mind, away we

I would like to remind everyone before I begin that : this is not gospel, this is not the definitive definition…this is a koan (and not necessarily a good one). Apply. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

Cliche as they may be, I like my proverbs. Granted, sometimes they can be a shortcut to thinking. However, other times they’re little nuggets that have survived the test of time & attention spans.

Prelude / Caveat : Dr Morris’ writings are & should be considered scrolls (or scroll-like). They grow as we do. So, this should by no means be considered the definitive definition on the matter.

I stare at the blank page & wonder where to begin. The old axiom : “Begin at the beginning” echoes around my mind. So, that’s where we’ll start : at the start. We might

From the desk of Paul Densmore: Within Initiatory Traditions, the cyclical nature of the Seasons reminds us of our own place within the mythic Hero’s Journey cycle. The Decline of Fall leading into the