Morris Methods/KAP Instructors wish to know the applicants for their instruction. We teach people, not internet avatars, and we wish to impart Dr. Morris’s Methods to caring, driven people who will use them to cultivate their energy, emotions, senses, consciousness and activity for the benefit of each and all.

If you are interested in learning Dr. Morris’s Methods, including his Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (K.A.P.), please answer all of the following and email the questions and replies to the Morris Methods/KAP Instructor(s) (contact info here) from whom you are interested in learning.

1. Your Full Legal Name:
2. Preferred Name(s) or Nicknames:
3. Age:
4. Country/Countries of Citizenship and Residency:
5. Profession:
6. Current Address:
7. Cell/Mobile or Primary Phone Number:
8. Your primary email address:
9. Social Media Profiles/URLs/handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc):
10. In brief, any past experience with meditation, healing arts, energy work, etc (none is necessary, we just want to understand your perspective):
11. Any affiliations with any esoteric systems or lineages:
12. Any medical conditions or injuries, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual/energetic:
13. Have you ever been institutionalized? If so, please explain:
14. Have you ever been convicted of a Felony? If so, please explain:
15. How did you hear about KAP/ Dr. Morris? (what brought you to us, including any referrals or recommendations, google, intuition, etc…):
16. What do you hope to gain from KAP training?
17. Please affirm that you have read, and that you agree to abide by the KAP Agreement?
18. What can you offer back to your local community, the world, and to the KAP community?
19. To what do you aspire, now and over the course of your life?
20. Do you intend to do long distance training, or train locally, in person/ at a workshop?
21. Anything else you’d like to add?

In addition:
1. Please email several recent photographs showing your face, without sunglasses please, so that we can read your facial expression, tension, energy, and more. 🙂
2. Please have three or more friends, family members, or associates email character references as explained here.

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