Teaching in: Germany, UK, Netherlands, E.U.

Teaches one on one, in person as well as via Skype. Teaches groups “live” in in-person workshop format.


In his mundane life, Michael is a sports scientist, personal trainer and holistic health coach in Germany with a specialization on aspects of physical training and nutrition. Having graduated at one of the most renowned universities in germany, following his intuition, only later did he find out that all the accumulated knowledge about the human body would come in handy also in terms of spiritual development and using a more embodied and integrative approach.

Michael became involved in the fitness and health industry over 15 years ago, including working as a gym manager, teacher, anti-stress coach, nutritional coach, and personal trainer, including making some tangents in terms of event management and contributing to the local party scene.

During all those activites, he always felt a call to spiritual aspects, always feeling like living a “double life”. After experiencing quite some weird and paranormal events as a child and in early adulthood, and also resorting to a plethora of addictive behaviours and unhealthy coping mechanisms over the years, at some point Michael started a spiritual practice (out of necessity, since this was the only thing that made sense at some point).

This included many intense spiritual and shamanic type of peak experiences over the years. In retrospect, some of those he now associates with immature and unbalanced kundalini activity, which caused much fun and thrill, as well as quite some internal suffering and personality imbalances. 

After dabbling around with many different systems of the yogic, esoteric and shamanic flavor (as well as lucid dreaming as major catalyst into a more spiritual paradigm), Michael started his first KAP classes as student in 2011.

From there, he managed to gradually and progressively smooth out and re-balance his energy, personality, and emotional life, as well as developing his own unique approach to spiritual practice as well as life in general.

For over ten years now, Michael has dedicated big parts of his life to the study and application of esoteric principles, energy work, spiritual practices, and strives for constant development in multiple sectors of his practice. His goal is at some point to become what some would call “a truly human being”.

This includes constant experimentation with new techniques and multiple systems and approaches, as well as integrating those with the basics. As so many others, Michael is striving for “Self realization” (with capital S), yet is of the opinion that the spiritual or even “enlightenment” path should be fun, playful, fulfilled, and not rigid, dogmatic or rule-bound as found in other systems. Also since he found out by trial and error that the true (soul) path is very very individual and not calculable at all, as well as can hardly be confined into rigid structures. At least in his case, this may differ for others.

Michael is competent in multiple system of healing and self healing, and has much specialized on healing as well releasing techniques last years, including Sedona method, PEAT and Access consciousness, among others. He is also very interested in the mechanisms of new age type reality creation/conscious creation, and i studying and applying those principles for 15+ years now, determined to go really deep behind the scenes of how reality as well as his interaction and creative process operates on a deeper level, including the inherent divinity and creative power in every human being.

Michael is a natural empath and managed to reclaim those abilities during his kundalini process, and bring those abilities progreassively under control. He is very interested in assisting other empaths in developing their gifts as workable skill sets, as well as minimize and kind of so perceived negative impacts (like being affected by ambient energy or others emotions constantly).

Michael has been playing with multiple systems of yoga, qigong, energy healing, energy work, shamanism and the magical arts over the years, preferring streamlined, modern contemporary approaches. He considers KAP his homebase for all those explorations, finding this system as well as thousands of hours of practice and play to have exponentially amplifed positve effects of other systems. Michael is working constantly at his own integration of KAP principles with other awesome modern systems out there, like Kunlun, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Quantum Healing, and a variety of other systems and approaches.

He is almost constantly continuing to participate in KAP classes and offshoots with multiple instructors to deepen and integrate the principles, make them his own, and apply in as many ways as possible. He considers himself a never-ending learner, yet also came to the conclusion over the years that sometimes the best, fastest and most fun way to learn is to teach, and share with others.

Recently, as part of his own internal process, Michael decided to travel Europe and interact with many new settings, consciousnesses and energies, meeting awesome people, and collecting new experiences in an ever changing flow of circumstances. Michael is available to teach groups and workshops in Europe, and is appreciates any invitations, given enough participants are interested.

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