Topics in the revised KAP 3 include:

  • Kundalini beyond energetics: Kundalini energy as the interconnective and integrating field/matrix for and of consciousness itself- microcosmic and macrocosmic; What the Void described in Dr. Morris’s books encompasses, and how to navigate it accordingly – the various “planes”/ Lokas / realms of consciousness as accessed directly from the central channel, rather than through astral projection — the practice of Voidwalking; The immanent and transcendent union of apparent opposites: primordial bliss -fullness and spaciousness/emptiness, being-ness-bliss-consciousness, wisdom emptiness and skillful means; enlightened body, mind, and activity
  • Kundalini as form and identity: in personal, transpersonal, transcendent and immanent experience (within and beyond the conventional personality); tutelary archetypes and inner dialogues – mystical wisdom vs. madness; tantric and alchemical “becoming” – form, energy, and resonance in guru yogas, diety yogas, totemic yogas, becoming the saints, and in the esoteric initiations/ empowerments/ attunements/ downloads/ uploads / absorptions of various traditions;
  • bliss-unions, transcendent sexual yoga, and seals of knowledge; integration of ascending, descending, and expressive consciousness-as-energy, and the shadow aspects of the personality; the nature of faith, prayer, and manifestation in the probability field
  • field expressions of qi, shakti, and consciousness, egregores and spaces within spaces, entering the forest astral (waxing/full moon practice), aeonic and cyclical time vs linear time
  • bliss fire practices: inner fire and inner crucible practices in microcosmic and macrocosmic use – eating and transmuting negative energy, and the vampire saints
  • upper alchemy, the taijitu, and bliss drops
  • emptiness of inherent selfhood: interdependent origination: form and illusion, bliss/ vajra/ golden/ immortal bodies
  • dissolving the elements, the three dawns, and clear-light spaciousness
  • deepening clear light spaciousness in union with bliss
  • Offering the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, dissolving aggregates into the primordial, simultaneous absorption in primordial awareness and phenomenal experience
  • Working with local/locational consciousness: frequency modulation & harmonization; microcosmic bi-location; transference and projection of consciousness within and beyond the microcosm, miracles of size, perspective, and location
  • “Southern Hospitality”- living communal nuance and amplifications of consciousness vs inertial egregores; integration and community through latticed communal practices

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