Morris Methods for Personal Development and Self-Mastery

Online Class
1a: Fundamentals of self-management – relaxation, grounding, posture, breath, and emotional cultivation
2a: Circulation, harmonization, and increase of what you cultivate
3a: Elemental dynamics of consciousness – GoDai
4a: Elemental dynamics of energy, movement, and expression – GoGyo
5a: Perception, Palpation, Soothing, and Balancing the Body Electric
6a: Modes of Internal Alchemy
7a: Integration in Internal Alchemy
1b: intermediate modes of self-managment and auto-regulation: breath, posture, and intentional emotion, cultivating transpersonal states
2b: interpersonal circulation and harmonization
3b: elemental states in physical culture / exercise
4b: five phases of dynamism in physical culture / exercise
5b: intermediate perception, palpation, and work on the body electric – emotion and mentation
6b: Interpersonal Alchemy
7b: Interpersonal Integration

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