Please note that these courses are only available to alumni of Dr. Glenn J Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level One, & enrollment is based on assessment of the prospective student’s character & intentions.

Started in 2020 – the “Pop-Up” classes are a series of random, but engaging courses done in a more informal style. Q & A’s aren’t available for the classes, but mindful & heartfelt questions can always be emailed to Paul.

Paul Currently Offers 8 Pop-Ups (please note that all pop-ups, when taken individually, are donation-based – there are no minimum or maximum suggestions for tuitions – values given are subjective & based on the amount of time, preparation, etc that have gone into the construction of each course – and serve only for reference within this semester’s bundle package).

These courses were originally offered only to close friends and former students. The original donation-based system of tuition is being honored. There is no maximum or minimum recommendation. Students are asked to review the listings for the class they’d like to take & then meditate within their heart to determine the appropriate donation. As always, Paul does try to overdeliver within the courses. However, this system & the classes were designed so that anyone could benefit from them – whatever circumstances they may currently find themselves in.

Prospective Students should email Paul w/ an intro. If accepted, a PayPal invoice will be sent to the student.
After a student has been accepted and enrolled – students will be added to private folders to download the materials (audio lectures, videos, pictures & PDF manuals).
The courses can be taken in any order. However, they did inadvertently build upon each other in a roundabout way.

(listed in the order of release)

Kuji-In Reality Hacking :
How we interact with the world & how the world interacts with us (the dual mirrors) is explored through the initiatory combination of mudras, mantras, intents, etc & how they can be viewed through the lenses of a variety of initiatory systems. Value : $150

Combining various thoughts on Mikkyo Kuji-In, various Reality Surfing & Flow methods, the Leary/Wilson circuits, simple yet advanced Western Initiatory methods & more modern manifestation technologies – all boiled down into a simple system. This was the course that kicked off the Pop-Ups. Meant to provide a kick-@$$ entry point into Kuji-In : personal exploration & development is highly encouraged (as is the case in all of the Pop-Ups).

The Lazy J*di’s Guide To The Galaxy :
We explore the fundamental and ever-present energy that penetrates, binds & creates the World & ourselves (sounds suspiciously like The Force). We use simplified & advanced Qigong with an eye towards unification. Value : $150

Back To The Present : Here, we explore how subtle shifts within our posture & our consciousness can have profound effects on the world. Value : $100

Simple techniques for pulling back your focus and the basis for projecting beyond.

The Lazy Force Ghost’s Guide To The Multiverse :

We utilize certain qigong & mystical initiatory systems to reveal our inner, eternal natures & how to use this knowledge for fun & prophet. Value : $150

Advanced Alchemy techniques explained in a simple, sometimes humorous manner. Startlingly easy methods for both exploring the boundaries of reality & living in harmony with what you might find. Have fun. Be safe. Keep Going.

Cosmic Physical Culture :

We take a look at how our bodies, minds, emotions & spiritual powers are linked. Simple physical exercises that almost anyone can do are provided to bolster our overall strength & well-being. Value : $150

Making the Lazy J*dis get up off their butts to build a strong physical vehicle & aura. Drawing from early Physical Culture theory & both medical / martial Qigong – this is an extremely low impact sequence of exercises that almost anyone can benefit from. A basic system of psycho-spiritual benefits from the specific muscle groups is also given. Advanced isometric exercises are also included (both with and without equipment), as well as general thoughts on nutrition & flexibility. None of this is dogmatic and, as always, students are advised to do their own advanced research, exploration & come to their own conclusions.

Surfing The Circuits : We explore the consciousness-upgrading symbolism of the Leary/Wilson circuits through guided hypnosis & shamanic meditations. Value : $150

Guided hypnosis sessions making use of the Leary/Wilson eight circuit model to clear up psychic wounds & insure proper utilization within the chakras & toroidal field (and beyond). Start date should be approximately within late November – early December 2021. Please contact Paul for updates.

The Abundance Sessions : Here, we explore how to change the things we observe, by changing the way we observe them. A stacked system of practice, that can be tailored to each individual, is offered for empirical exploration. Value : $150

3 Realm Monte : We explore how to better interact with our world through a balance of strength & mercy. We look at the practical ramifications of the reunification of Heaven, Man & Earth. Value : $150

Also, please check this page from time to time for further Pop-Up announcements. Thank you!

Questions about a pop-up session? Please email Paul at therevdr23 (remove space)

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