This class session consists of pre-recorded materials released each Saturday at or after 10am US EST (UTC-5) starting Feb 20, 2023.

Senior Instructor: Santiago Dobles
Twelve weeks of pre-recorded videos, delivered weekly: Students can log in at any time after each Monday at 10am; they can study the material whenever it is convenient for them and leave questions on the text chat to be answered weekly at those times.

Discounts available:

  • 25% discount available to all US Military Veterans and 1st responders (police, fire-rescue, medics, doctors, nurses, covid essential workers etc).
  • Sign up for all 3 of Santiago’s courses simultaneously, and get a 15% Discount.
  • Sign up for two and get a 10% discount.

(please email Santiago to request a Paypal Invoice with your applicable discount included)

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Morris Methods Improved Kundalini Awakening Process Level One is a prerequisite (or co-requisite if you sign up simultaneously) for taking Santiago Dobles’s Psychic Self Defense (PSD).

Please request admission, including sending a request for a paypal invoice, information on the session of KAP1 you attended (dates, instructor(s), etc), and a recent digital photograph, to Santiago at sdobles @ (remove spaces).

By registering, I certify that:
I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional. I understand that the Distance Learning Course is a set of twelve live internet classes, and that I must participate to receive all the information. I understand the kap cancellation and no-refund policy. I will receive a welcome and further instructions in my web browser after registering. I certify these things on my word.

Payment options:
Pay via Paypal using the buttons below or requesting a customized Paypal Invoice via email reflecting any discounts (charitable donation discount, US Armed Service Veteran, Emergency Services). You may also email Santiago to arrange payment using either Bitcoin ( address: 1AYmqP9mpUSduy2moojMkKqn9w3AqHa121 ) or Ethereum.

  • Payment in Full (before any of the discounts below): $694

  • Re-attend: $125

(Re-attend requires graduation from a prior session of KAP PSD, and that you email Santiago with your prior workshop or online class dates/locations/session #)

“In PSD you will become more and more confident in your ability to use subtle energy. You will learn to defend and protect your self and you environment, family and also your personal objects from subtle negative intent and harm or negativity. You will also become stronger in your ability to heal with energy. You will also become stronger in your ability to manipulate subtle energy as you practice the PSD course. You will learn very ancient secret methods from Shamanism, Silat, Ninpo, Tantra and Internal Martial Arts. You will want to register soon!”
-Santiago Dobles, Instructor

KAP Psychic Self Defense (PSD)

Tummo & Tenaga Dalam Breath training
Silat, Ninpo, Shamanic, Bon Po, & Tantric Methods of Psy Self Defense.
Prayers & Mantras for Protection
Empowering your Aura & Field of Energy /Sacred Space
Creating Protective Grids/Mandalas
Creating Orbs
Weather Magic
Creating Shields & Talismans & spiritual devices for Self defense & Protection
Empowerments and Attunements to Tenaga Dalam & Spiritual Protection.
Dr. Morris’s “SPIDER REIKI” for healing & Self Defense
Dr. Morris’s CHI fighting concepts for Martial application & Psy Self Defense
Spiritual protection using Divine Energy, Deity Yoga, Totems, archangels, spiritual warriors
Protecting your Self, Family, House, Car etc.
Psychic Fengshui

KAP Explained & KAP F.A.Q.

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