Morris Methods and More, Theurgy and Thaumaturgy, 2B, Analysis of the Keyword Ritual, Banishing Hexagrams, Rose Cross, Planetary Hexagrams, Thoughtform Creation, Sigil Magick Online Class (M3-TT-2B)
Tuition: $150
Morris Method Instructor: Paul Densmore

Start Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Class Description:
This is the fourth class of an ambitious project : to take KAP Principles and use them as a Rosetta Stone for studying/mastering Theurgical (Mysticism) and Thaumaturgical (Magic/Magick) systems ranging from : Chaldean, Sumerian, Middle Eastern, Neo-Platonic, Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Gnostic, Chaos, Eclectic, Taoist, Tibetan and various Pagan sources. These principles can then be put back into your KAP Practice to help refine & guide the process.

Beyond this, the sum of these lessons will constitute a Modern Initiatory Process : Non-Dogmatic and without hierarchy. We are all on this journey together. No carrots on a stick, no huge egos, no hidden mirrors, obscuring curtains, trap doors or playing favorites. Students will initiate themselves, to the level they feel comfortable, using time-honored principles. All lessons will build on the previous lessons, but students can end their journey at any point, confident in their level of attainment. Students can then take these principles and combine them with their own knowledge, empirical insights, and practices to form their own unique systems.

All practices will be unique from materials presented in other available books, classes, etc. and are drawn from 20+ years of working with esoteric practices. If a unique perspective isn’t available for a material, then it’s not included within the course. Students are encouraged to study further (along with recommended materials), and to take the principles and form their own, unique practices.

This class will focus on Analysis of the Keyword Ritual, Banishing Hexagrams, Rose Cross, Planetary Hexagrams, Thoughtform Creation, & Sigil Magick, drawing insights from the Kabbalah, Tarot, Hermeticism, various Eastern Practices & KAP itself to integrate insights that will pull back the curtain from this deceptively simple practice, and help students unify various forces within themselves & without. This will also help lead to a more balanced ego and life, as well as potentially smoothing the Kundalini process.

Class Format:
This class will last two weeks. On the first week, pre-recorded materials will be uploaded. This will consist of one lesson per day (consisting of recorded classes, videos & downloadable manuals). The subsequent week, students are encouraged to ask questions for a recorded Q and A session and to schedule 15 minute private Skype calls with Paul to refine their practice. The Q and A will be uploaded at the end of the week.

This class will only be available to Morris Method Improved KAP 1 Graduates (although, Improved KAP 2 and beyond would be advisable for future lessons). Also, students must have taken M3-TT-1A (Kabbalistic Cross), M3-TT-1B (Lesser Banishing), and M3-TT-2A (Middle Pillar).

Register now by emailing Paul at therevdr23 (remove space) with your replies to the following four questions:

1. Please detail your background with Morris Method Improved Kundalini Awakening Process & KAP principles.
2. Please state your primary intention for taking this course.
3. Please define your personal understanding of “True Will”
4. Please explain how you will use this material to benefit your community or the world.

and request a Paypal Invoice for $150 US for M3-TT-2B!

By registering, I certify that:
I am in good mental and physical health. I understand the kap cancellation and refund policy. I will receive a welcome and further instructions by email after registering. I certify these things on my word.

Tuition for M3-TT-1B, Lesser Banishing Ritual (LRBP), is one payment of $150 US.

Questions about this class session? Please email Paul at therevdr23 (remove space)

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