Senior Morris Methods Instructor: Tao Semko

Tuition: $594 payment in full. Payment plans are also available.

Class Format: Prerecorded materials weekly for 8 weeks, with live video Q&A available each week. Additional live sessions throughout the course, which are also recorded. Course materials are in streaming online video format, with text supplements, all of which remain accessible during and after the course.

Tao’s course provides a lecture each week for eight weeks, one for each of the 8 KAP4 topics, along with daily progressively-taught guided video practices for the full 8 weeks of the course. Tao is available during and after the course for video Q&A.

Please ask Tao’s permission before registering or re-registering. Morris Methods K1 and K2 are pre-requisites, along with a substantial degree of development of embodied consciousness.

K4 Syllabus

Level Four Distance Learning:

K4 was designed for those who have cultivated qi, permanently awakened kundalini through the core of the the major bodily chakras, and experientially realized the union of bliss and emptiness. ..

K4 includes methods of recognizing the Primordial Nature of Consciousness (“the Mind”), integration, abiding, dissolution within/as it, and spontaneous creativity from/as it…

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