January 15, 2024

A Three Hour Mini-Workshop

Date and Time: February 17th,2024, 10am-1pm
Location: Seed Yoga in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Taught by: Nathanial Bryant, RN, Full KAP Instructor

Advanced Registration required; seats limited to 15 people by venue space.
For details and to register, please email Nathanial at NathanialCBryant(at)Gmail(dot)com

Course Map
Hour 1: The Basics:

  • Key concepts
  • Safety
  • Awakening the brain body connection: targeted somatic exercises

Hour 2: Emotional kung fu, and foundational energy work.

  • ChiKung fundamentals
  • Emotional Cultivations
  • Subtle Body Practices

Hour 3: Practices for raising the kundalini

  • Circulations
  • Polarizations and Amplifications
  • Cooling and Grounding Techinques