August 16, 2022

From the desk of Paul Densmore:

Within Initiatory Traditions, the cyclical nature of the Seasons reminds us of our own place within the mythic Hero’s Journey cycle. The Decline of Fall leading into the anticipatory held breath of Winter is Nature’s way of mirroring the Death & Rebirth symbolized within the Abyss (or vice-versa). It’s Life’s Way of reminding us that bad times don’t last and this too shall pass. Myth & Ritual impress upon our consciousness the vibratory keys that remind us of our Eternal Selves – which are temporarily asleep upon the stormy seas of change.

The Work that I’ve put forth over the past few years serve as gentle reminders of just how powerful we are individually & as a collective. They provide insights and mile markers that anyone can use to guide themselves through the shifting terrain of self-initiation. Non-dogmatic, non-coercive & zetetic methods are provided for everyone to empirically test. At the end, we take only what we need (can prove useful for us individually) and we leave the rest.

Also, I try to make everything entertaining & funny AF.

Classes within the Fall Semester Package :

KAP Creative Enhancement : We work with the 4 classic levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual) to clear, open up & let loose our creative potential. Value : $120

KAP Theurgy & Thaumaturgy lvls 1-4 : We take some of the common Initiatory Rituals (Kabbalistic Cross, Lesser Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram, Middle Pillar, Analysis of the Keyword, Ritual of the Hexagram, etc), break them down & draw upon a variety of fields to view the symbolic & vibratory keys that will enhance our everyday consciousness. The Work is, primarily, mystic – but the practical applications are endless. Value $300

All 8 Pop-Ups (please note that all pop-ups, when taken individually, are donation-based – there are no minimum or maximum suggestions for tuitions – values given are subjective & based on the amount of time, preparation, etc that have gone into the construction of each course – and serve only for reference within this semester’s bundle package).

Kuji-In Reality Hacking : How we interact with the world & how the world interacts with us (the dual mirrors) is explored through the initiatory combination of mudras, mantras, intents, etc & how they can be viewed through the lenses of a variety of initiatory systems. Value : $150

The Lazy J*di’s Guide To The Galaxy : We explore the fundamental and ever-present energy that penetrates, binds & creates the World & ourselves (sounds suspiciously like The Force). We use simplified & advanced Qigong with an eye towards unification. Value : $150

Back To The Present ; Here, we explore how subtle shifts within our posture & our consciousness can have profound effects on the world. Value : $100

The Lazy Force Ghost’s Guide To The Multiverse : We utilize certain qigong & mystical initiatory systems to reveal our inner, eternal natures & how to use this knowledge for fun & prophet. Value : $150

Cosmic Physical Culture : We take a look at how our bodies, minds, emotions & spiritual powers are linked. Simple physical exercises that almost anyone can do are provided to bolster our overall strength & well-being. Value : $150

Surfing The Circuits : We explore the consciousness-upgrading symbolism of the Leary/Wilson circuits through guided hypnosis & shamanic meditations. Value : $150

The Abundance Sessions : Here, we explore how to change the things we observe, by changing the way we observe them. A stacked system of practice, that can be tailored to each individual, is offered for empirical exploration. Value : $150

3 Realm Monte : We explore how to better interact with our world through a balance of strength & mercy. We look at the practical ramifications of the reunification of Heaven, Man & Earth. Value : $150

The Fall Semester will include all of this ($1,570 approx value) for $375. My hope is that this will provide everyone with the means to look towards rebirth within a bountiful Spring.

Also note that outside of the Fall Semester Package – Paul is offering KAP lvl 1 & 2 classes, starting Sept. 18th. Please see the KAP registration pages to register for KAP 1 or 2. 

Please email Paul (therevdr23 at gmail dot com) to receive an invoice for the Fall Semester tuition. Once paid – everyone will receive instant access to all 8 pop-up classes. Creative Enhancement, followed by Theurgy & Thaumaturgy will begin on Sept. 18th, 2022. Note that all of Paul’s classes consist of pre-recorded & pre-arranged materials. Questions will be answered via email & brief Skype sessions can be arranged.

Also, also : Please note that any of the 8 existing pop-up classes can be taken on-demand with the donation-based tuition.

Thank you & much love!

To get a sense of Paul’s humor & warmth :

Some quick testimonials for Paul’s courses (used with permission) :

“This class really helped put some concepts and terminology together that I hadn’t quite fully wrapped my head around. Thank you for taking the time to do this, put it together, and leave something of a legacy for others.” – John C.

“I just finished with the Abundance pop up and I wanted to thank you so much for this. As I said before, the approach is so refreshing and loving that I found it super inspiring. Thank you for sharing and for putting yourself out there.” – Romina Z.

“Regarding the course, I’m moving slowly through it (about halfway through), and really trying to integrate it into my life. And just wanted to say : wow, the torus mudra is so…potent…strong…effective? Holding it for only a few seconds, I can feel my field shift, and realign/rebalance. Whew.” Spencer S.

“Hey Paul! I just wanted to again, thank you for the awesome popup classes you have done! You and them mean more to me than you know! Thanks.” – Gary N.

“By the way, have been going into the manifestation class, great stuff. And project self love is going well.” – Michael G.