September 15, 2022

Prelude / Caveat : Dr Morris’ writings are & should be considered scrolls (or scroll-like). They grow as we do. So, this should by no means be considered the definitive definition on the matter. Nor does it even mean that this will be my own final thoughts on this. It simply means, “Here’s something cool to play with and study on” (more on these two in subsequent posts).

“Keep Going. Keep Playing. Study On This.” – Dr Glenn J Morris

A lot of us who have been touched by the works of Dr Morris tend to come back repeatedly to this quote. It’s often thrown around as a tagline. And, it’s even become something akin to punctuation – we sign off with it.

But, to echo my previous post : “Why?”

What is so enigmatic & endearing about these seven words that elevate them above the mountains of other thoughts & ideas Dr Morris left to the world?

Let’s break them down over the course of a few weeks & see if they don’t holographically and/or fractally contain the essence of a Spiritual Path.

First, let’s ask ourselves : “What does it mean to endure on a spiritual Path?’

And, are there several elements at play within the theme of Endurance.

Obviously, it means that we don’t blindly follow fads or compulsively jump on bandwagons. Our spiritual (or pragmatic – or both) beliefs may evolve & grow as we do. They may be refined & honed in the fires of empirical experience. Some, may even be discarded as unnecessary or temporarily put by the wayside to be rediscovered as valuable treasure at a later date.

Perhaps less obvious & less comfortable for us to realize is : We’re not on a Path JUST for support, encouragement & a sense of community. Not that these elements aren’t important or shouldn’t be a part of the process. But, if that’s all that we’re seeking – then it’s like putting a small, adhesive bandage on a gaping & bleeding wound.

We must realize that some stretches of the Path are solitary endeavors – as we go within to become one with all that is without.

However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to remember that unconditional love & support are there for us on the journey.

And what if : that is the essence of endurance? Love. Unconditional & Unbounded.

For instance : I often point anyone & everyone to Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1 by Robert Anton Wilson. (Note : there will be some spoilers, but the book is about 45 years old at this point.) Within that book – Mr Wilson has lived through something that, hopefully, none of us would ever desire or wish upon another. The loss of a child. And, not only that – but the loss of a child in a brutal manner. In essence, the murder of his daughter. The climax, without spoiling too much, really comes during an experience that he has doing a “Sufi heart center exercise” & is reflected in the words of a recently released Timothy Leary – reminding him that he is surrounded & wrapped in a “Net of Love”. This corresponds to & mirrors (there is a pun there) an earlier explanation of Indra’s Net (the fractal/holographic mirror of everything with everything else) by Jano Watts (the brilliant, but regrettably often over-looked wife of noted spiritual teacher Alan Watts).

To come at it from another (and seemingly contradictory angle) – let’s look at a more modern usage. In the movie Thor : Love & Thunder – the character Peter Quill (Star-Lord) is explaining to Thor that it’s better to have pain from the loss of a loved one, than to be empty & never have had that love to begin with. He ends with the admonition : “You ever feel lost, just look into the eyes of the people that you love. They’ll tell you exactly who you are.”

In essence : Love Endures.

The “Challenge” of the Path of Endurance is to transmute the loss, pain, guilt, suffering, etc into pure & unconditional love.

Love is the Great Work. And The Philosopher’s Stone (Philo = Love of / Sophia = Wisdom – the love of wisdom can also be the wisdom of love) is the pure, primordial state that supports & sustains us. Which surrounds, wraps & nurtures us (much like a parent, lover or The Force).

So, to keep going is to grasp the unconquerable sword of our pure, primordial nature & to fall in love with that.

Then, once we have met Our Selves, we can gift ourselves beauty, joy, love, peace, ecstasy, and assurance (or any subtle flavor or color of the Secret Smile).

We can further keep going and let go of the false, egoic moments that temporarily boost pride – but, will ultimately let us down.

For, simply existing is enough to be proud of. That is the foundation to build on with great moments. Otherwise, it’s like trying to backfill a black hole with shifting sands.

After that, we can let go of the shallow grudges that we hold against the world (what A Course In Miracles calls “Grievances”). The ideas that allow us to look down on others in judgement. And which only further separate us from our True Natures.

Finally, it’s to let go of it all & to realize that, fundamentally, we are all Worthy.

We are all Good Enough.

We are all Enough.

And, we – as individuals – join in on that celebration & hook ourselves into that Net of Love & Support – by realizing that if We’re All Enough – then I, as a temporary drop from the Ocean – which will one day be reabsorbed & flow into other forms – I AM Enough.

To Be Is To Endure.

And, if I could lovingly wish you all a Great Blessing, it’s this : Keep Going.

Next Time : Keep Playing

“Same KAP Time. Same KAP Channel.”


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