April 27, 2024

Location: Asheville / Canton, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina
Canton is a small mountain town just west of Asheville. Canton is just a 25 minute drive from Asheville Regional Airport (AVL).

Taught by Tao Semko, Senior KAP Instructor

KAP Level One Dates and Times: Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7, 2024, 10am to 6pm Saturday, 9am to 6pm Sunday

KAP Level Two Dates and Times:
Monday and Tuesday, July 8 and 9, 2024, 9am to 6pm both days

There are local restaurants and grocery stores within easy walking distance. There will be a 1.5 hour break for lunch each day.

Either Workshop for first-time attendees: $1008, includes the workshop, Tao’s complete corresponding streaming online video course (Level One or Level Two, with evergreen access), and included live personal and group Zoom Q&A available year-round after the workshop.

Both Workshops Together: $1800, includes both workshops, both of Tao’s complete online video courses (KAP1 and 2)

Save $200 off the full tuition with a donation to the relief charity of your choice of $100 (email a copy of the donation receipt). You may do a $200 donation and save $400 off the full tuition if you are attending both Level One and Two.

Discount on KAP Level Two for partners: partners/spouses may attend Level Two together and save an additional $200 on each individual’s KAP2 workshop tuition. Each partner may also make the $100 donation to a relief charity of choice and save $200 on their individual tuition.

All new attendees must apply and interview before making tuition payment.

Re-attend either workshop for only $208:
Anyone who has previously attended Dr. Glenn J Morris’s KAP Level 1 in online or workshop format, you may re-attend the Level One workshop for just $208
Anyone who has previously attended Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s KAP Level 2 in online or workshop format, you may re-attend the Level Two workshop for just $208
Re-attend both workshops together for only $380:
If you have previously attended both KAP Level One and KAP Level Two in online or workshop format, you may re-attend both together for $380

While donations to charity by re-attendees are appreciated, we must charge the minimum re-attendee fee above to cover space overhead as seating is limited, and there is regrettably no charity donation discount on the discounted re-attend tuitions.

Prior attendees need only check in with Tao on Zoom prior to the event to update him on any developments in your practice or experiences, rather than going through the entire application process again.

To arrange tuition payment, send application questionnaire responses, and reserve your seat:
Please email Tao your application info(at)taosemko(dot)com and request payment details via Zelle, Paypal, Stripe, or Wise (international money transfer).
Installment payment plans available by request. One third of tuition must be pre-paid prior to the event to cover space overhead.
Partial scholarships available by application request.

Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process is a simple set of skills that engages the actual physiological shifts experienced during kundalini awakening, and then smoothly expands the body’s neural and endocrine networks to make the physiological shifts permanent. Rather than using abstract rituals to engage the biological changes indirectly, KAP is an ordered, synchronized practice of the biological phenomena of kundalini arousal and awakening, using movement, emotion, breathing, visualization, and directed sensory awareness to awaken and move kundalini, evolving the consciousness as the neural and endocrine signals evolve.
The sequence of skills, some traditional, some modern, assembles into a daily practice of approximately 40 minutes daily, with supplementary skills that can be done in free moments throughout the day, or even while doing mundane activities.
KAP’s side effects are an added bonus: all of the KAP skills not only develop biological and metaphysical capacities, but also serve the KAP practitioner in work and family relationships and in times of both stress and great enjoyment.

Dr. Morris’s Improved KAP/Kundalini Awakening Process is ultimately a set of principles and skills which balance, amplify, and harmonize the physiological, energetic, emotional, intuitive, and logical capacities of the body-personality while deepening and unifying experiences that reveal consciousness as something more than just the body-personality.

A complete KAP practice can be done in 40 minutes a day, though you may also enjoy longer, more transformative practice sessions.

KAP Level One focuses on personal practice. KAP Level Two focuses on interpersonal practices that polarize, amplify, engage, and mature kundalini, and dynamic practice with the environment to maintain balance with one’s surroundings.

Image of Western North Carolina from Audri Van Gores via Unsplash