Provisional Instructor, Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP), Levels One and Two (fully qualified to teach, in the process of fulfilling required provisional teaching hours). Certified under Senior Instructor Tao Semko

Gabriel Axel Montes, PhD Fellow, MSc, RYT-500, is a neuroscientist, educator, and musician. Possessing a deep fire for cultivating the many dimensions of consciousness, he is passionate about life as a practice. Gabriel enjoys traveling the world, weaving a web of interconnection with the individuals and projects he encounters. He cherishes the unique value of each individual and collaborates with them in sense-making through “conversation yoga”. Enthusiastic about the fusion of neuroscience and self-cultivation practices, Gabriel works on mobilizing the potential of technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain/cryptocurrency for the benefit of all sentient beings and planetary well-being. An international educator/instructor of self-cultivation methodology and with a background in various systems of yoga, meditation, and energy/healing work,, he delivers with a breath of fresh air by melding insights from both neuroscience and non-ordinary consciousness, using Dr. Morris’ Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP) as a cornerstone. Gabriel speaks fluent English and Spanish, and teaches workshops and classes internationally, as well as offering private classes (individual and group). For more info, visit

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