November 26, 2022

Supercharged KAP for Strength and Longevity in beautiful Sedona, Arizona with Dr. Bob Joyce, KAP Instructor, Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), and Zheng Yi Taoist Priest (China).

“Be(yond) the Vortex”

An Advanced KAP Workshop for Beginners, Laymen, Adepts, and Immortals (or those that strive for Living a long full healthy Life) with the solidifying influence of Medical Qigong and a plethora of diverse understandings of True Wisdom.

Location: Sedona AZ
Dates: January 26-30, 2023 (5 days, with shorter 3-day program also available)
Tuition: $808

Designed as 5 day event, yet potentially some cannot create the total amount of Space and Time.
The core 3 days 27, 28 29 $555 -optional days: (generation) Thursday 26 $127 and (completion) Monday 30 $127

Previous KAP 1 and 2 attendance expected, yet not required. All attendees must be vetted (phone /zoom) to insure everyone is comfortable, safe and aligned.

Contact Information: Please email BJoy22711(at)protonmail(dot)com (preferred) or text 408 315-6811 with any questions. The location, shuttle options from airport and suggested hotels/ Airbnb etc will be provided for confirmed attendees.

This workshop is the first in a series for 2023 of events that are intended to create and allow exuberance of health. As a community we must be open to sharing lifestyles and practices that promote strength and vitality via conscious breath and movement, with harmonization and nourishment in and of, every sense and sensibility.

This event will be an “active training” (meaning no lecture- just working within {guided} alchemically /energetically /spiritually / And physically) the KAP curriculum, aspects of many traditions that layer seamlessly, and meaningful deep dives into what it means to own each moment, trusting your “Gnosis”,….moving from thinking to knowing, to the proverbial “Great Cosmic Wisdom”, where we become unbound of words and facts. You may become your own Teacher by trusting your own Body, Mind and Soul and the “connection” that defies description, yet “it” is what defines “God /Source /Creator /Tao /Primordial Breath …insert your preferred term here” … within You. You are limitless potential, fueled via embryonic breath, capable and shaped of your True intentions. Let go of anything that does not serve that goal.

The key to advancing each facet of One’s skills is by directly working with qualified instructors fully capable of discerning an individuals level and being capable of resonating a teaching that can be modeled from Teacher to Student, taking them to a deeper level of skill than ever before. The mantle of a Teacher is a very powerful and significant responsibility bestowed upon someone who has gone through many “initiations” to prove their worth and willingness to be a student of the One True Source, meaning the Great Unknown, The Dao, Creator God, or a multitude of names for the unnamable…..where did Tesla, Pythagoras, Lao Tsu, Aristotle, Rumi, Cayce, Confucius, or Plato,…get their learnings from?

This Event will be “in the moment co-creation” from a perspective of our Higher Selves (or some form of High Vibratory Being-ness), there is no hierarchy or unhealthy Egos.

We are all students and Teachers, with teaching being one the highest forms of learning. One cannot truly teach (other than information) when in a hierarchical structure.

Morning sessions are designed for clearing / purifying, then filling (Jing Qi Shen), then packing….opening subtle meridians and pathways, opening and activating energy centers and The Central Channel, as Sovereign Beings capable of accessing the devout Stillness (take a moment right now and “listen” inside yourself) at the event space. Afternoon sessions we move outdoors (weather permitting) to different Sacred spots in the area to “play in the elements” and develop our skills moving right to the cellular level in true “center of Space and Time/ Neigong /Shengong.

Evenings are more open to replenishing (food water relaxing-consciously breathing), healing sessions (The Sedona event will have several Healing practitioners that will offer low cost acupuncture and/or medical Qigong sessions).

The foundation of advanced work is mastering the simplest of the subtle, letting go of self-judgments and going within while being about. Training in every sense is simple awareness of “doing work” while fully relaxed, and in complete confidence of Self, thus allowing moment to moment mastery or expertise to manifest.

If you would like to see a similar format workshop in your town, please contact Dr. Joyce with proposed locations, contacts, attendees, etc, using the above contact information!

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